What is Natural Stone? Where Do We Use It?

What is Natural Stone? Where Do We Use It? Natural stone is a highly sustainable construction material. The supplies of natural stone on Earth are abundant, vast, and go back millions of years. However, the regeneration of stone isn’t as freely visible as the regeneration of trees. It’s a continuous development with a natural stone […]

How to Care and Clean Natural Stones

  How to Care and Clean Natural Stones Natural stone like travertine, marble, onyx, and slate could bring a little style to your kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, hallways, and fireplace mantels. But many folks shy away from these porous stones since they are susceptible to cracks and marks brought on by cleaners and acid-based foods. […]

Hardscaping Made Simple: How to Install Your Porcelain Pavers

DOWNLOAD PDF Every hardscape contractor knows that a paving project requires two things: an excellent product and excellent technique. The most beautiful yards, driveways, and patios out there always use high-quality pavers – and they always have some top-notch contractors working on the installation. At Elegance US, we strive to give our customers the best […]

Make Your Yard More “Elegant”: Pattern Ideas for Italian Porcelain Pavers

Choosing the right paver for your yard is not an easy decision. You have to think of materials: what will be durable enough to stand up to rough weather and regular use, yet still look beautiful over time? You have to think of color: what will best suit the other landscaping elements (plants, the size […]

Natural Stone Veneer Patterns

A wide variety of wall tiles and products created in various colors, shapes, sizes, and styles suitable for a wall that is easy to clean and maintain. Wall tiles are used in many homes, commercial properties, etc. Elegance by NT Trading presents Natural Stone Veneer Pattern. A very bold, stylish and modern way to decorate your house, fireplace, fire […]

Recycled Glass Pool Mosaics

Glass tiles have been decorating many swimming pools thanks to their flexibility in design and their performance in the reflection of light.  They are used to create wonderful glass mosaic designs, which turn the swimming pools into a work of art. As Elegance by NT Trading we promote Recycled Glass Mosaics to contribute to environmental management and take one […]

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