Over the Garden Wall: The Best Wall Tiles for Outdoor Spaces

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Over the Garden Wall: The Best Wall Tiles for Outdoor Spaces

What is it that makes the perfect outdoor space? For some, it is all about greenery and plant life, which add life and nature to the area. For others, it is about functionality; a well-designed yard with space for lots of people is great for folks who love to entertain. But for us, the perfect yard must have beautiful hardscaped elements – including any walled areas with veneer stones.

You have probably put a lot of work into your yard. You’ve carefully selected patio furniture, anguished over the perfect pavers, and carefully curated a beautiful garden. So, why should you settle for a boring concrete wall or wooden fence? Instead, dress up any walls in your outdoor space by using wall tiles.

Here are just a few options you can use to make your walls even more beautiful.

Veneer Stones

Lots of homeowners love the look of natural stone for their outdoor (and some indoor) spaces. Natural stone has a classic, almost rustic appeal, as if the stones were lifted from the earth and piled right around your yard. These days many hardscapers use veneer stone (a man-made tile comprised of cement, aggregates, and iron oxides) to recreate the look of natural stone, but the effect is still the same.


There are many benefits to using veneer stones in your yard. Firstly, these manufactured tiles are much easier to obtain than natural stone – though they look just the same. They are also light and easy to cut down to size, which makes installation a quick and painless process. You can achieve a classic, beautiful look without all the heavy lifting!


Because veneer stones are mostly made from concrete, they can become brittle and chip away over time. They are also subject to fading, which is particularly frustrating if you picked a tile for its unique color. Finally, because veneer stones are man-made, they may look a bit homogenous – and this can take away from the “natural” look you might be going for.

When to Use Them

Veneer stones are a great choice for any large, decorative outdoor area. You can use them to add color or texture to a wall or outdoor cooking area. These tiles will give your space a rustic appeal without forcing you to carry and lay tons of heavy stones.

Ledger Stones

Another option for outdoor walls is ledger stones. Like veneer stones, these tiles are made from concrete, and iron oxide – but ledger stone also adds natural stone to the mix. This mixture is then poured into molds designed to mimic the look of real stone, creating that same rustic aesthetic so many people love.


Just like veneer stones, ledger stones are exceptionally light, which can make installation a breeze. They are also durable (largely due to the presence of real stone in the mix). This makes them a great choice for outdoor spaces, as they will easily stand up to the elements and keeping looking great over time.


Ledger stones are not always easy to install. The installation process usually involves special materials and careful instructions, so it’s a process best left to the professionals. Additionally, can be hard to clean and maintain (especially if you install it near a pool or somewhere where it might get wet). It’s wise to have your ledger stone professionally sealed every year or so to maintain its color.

When to Use Them

Ledger stone tiles often come in long, thin strips, which makes them great for shorter, longer walls. If you want to add some decorative elements to a raised garden bed or firepit, this is an excellent option! Ledger stones also look great indoors as kitchen backsplashes or bathroom wall tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

Most people want their yards to look great for the long term. Even after years of family barbeques, rough weather, rambunctious kids and pets, and everything in between, your yard should still look incredibly beautiful – and it would be even better if it could stay that way with minimal maintenance. If that’s how you feel, then porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for your outdoor walls.


Porcelain tiles are the perfect blend of form and function. They are super easy to install (even weekend DIY-ers can tackle this project). They are highly durable, which makes them great for outdoor spaces and families with children. And best of all, they don’t require any maintenance to continue looking gorgeous.


There aren’t many downsides to using porcelain wall tiles. The biggest drawback might be in the way the finished product looks; porcelain tile doesn’t have the same “rustic” appearance as veneer or ledger stone, which might take away from the look you’re trying to achieve. Also, porcelain tiles can chip easily if you’re not careful during the installation process, which can tarnish the finished look of your wall.

When to Use Them

Here’s the great thing about porcelain tiles: you can use them anywhere you would have used other stones! There are a wide variety of porcelain options – including porcelain veneer stones and porcelain ledger stones. You can use porcelain veneer stones as a low-maintenance alternative on large walled areas or use porcelain ledger stones to add some extra flair to your low and long walls.

Upgrade Your Garden Walls

If you want your yard to look truly great, every aspect of the design needs to fit together. Wall tiles can help create a cohesive look throughout the yard – but the type of look you create is entirely up to you.

If you want a textured, rustic-inspired design, veneer stones might be your best bet. If you want something that looks great and stays that way without extra work, porcelain could be perfect. But however you choose to tile your walls, Elegance US will be here to help make the process as smooth as possible!

You can call today or send us an email with any questions about our outdoor wall tiles. We look forward to helping you beautify your outdoor space! 

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