Marble: The Jewelry of Your Space

bayrock natural stone

Think of marble as an accessory, as an easy way to elevate your space without putting in a lot of effort and design expertise. A colorful set of earrings or a stunning gold watch can alleviate your appearance by simply putting it on. The same can be said for marble! Choosing an exquisitely patterned marble can become the key accessory without putting much effort or having the interior design know-how.

Feeling Bold?

Choose Equator Marble

bayrock stone

(photo of Equator Marble)

This striking marble is for the bold and daring. The linear veins of this natural stone can elongate your space and create a fascinating visual display that is a work of art on its own.  This is for someone looking to create a modern space that takes your breath away. Used by Bayrock Natural Stone in the Trump Soho Hotel (see picture above), your bathroom can look like the chicest, boutique hotel in Manhattan, too!

Feeling Classic?

bayrock stone Kitchen

(photo of Imperial Carrara)

The timeless look of white marble never goes out of style. With soft gray veins that embellish lustrous Turkish white marble, add that luxurious touch to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Mined from our own quarry in Turkey, where this marble originates from, Bayrock Natural Stone’s Imperial Carrara is sought after for its gleam and ultra-white finish.

Feeling Sleek?

bayrock stone Kitchen Marble

(photo of Bardiglio)

Bardiglio marble is not for the timid homeowner. This sexy, dark grey marble adds the allure of mystery and coziness to a bathroom. Black with smokey grey striations throughout, most would shy away from adding black to space, but for the modern designer, Bardiglio adds intensity to your space without busy patterns or dramatic veins.

At Bayrock Natural Stone, we mine all of our marble from our quarry in Turkey, so you know you’re getting the material straight from one of the largest marble capitals of the world! All of our marble is tested and we hand select the best pieces to sell to you! Stop by the showroom to see the material installed or see the marble tiles for yourself!