Bluestone lovers keep an open-mind when designing your outdoor spaces and hardscapes.

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I can’t tell you the number of homeowners and contractors that came into our showroom set on visions of a bluestone patio and pool decking. It’s important when spending a lot on your projects that you consider all your options.

Exterior porcelain pavers are a great option to bluestone. In years to come, they will maintain their color, integrity, and luster. They don’t fade, stain or get hot if your color choice is not too dark. We have some porcelain pavers that mimic bluestone so closely in color and texture it’s hard to tell what you are walking on, they are virtually bullet proof. NT Trading offers modular patterns in 2cm and our wood look series has developed quite a following. The trend seems to be moving towards a larger and cleaner product which brings us to our 20x40 and 32x32 Italian tiles series.  The Moon is our 20x40 bluestone look-alike.


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